Spud in the Box is a six-piece outfit from Mumbai, India. Their music is a strange brew of modern alternative rock that doesn't betray it's various genre influences but still sounds fresh, new and whole. On stage, their performances are marked by dual harmonies, big choruses, massive guitar sounds and a tight rhythm section.

Having received considerable attention from the press as well as listeners even before their first EP 'Attention, Please!' (2013) released, the band went swiftly from being a college sensation to the next big thing on the Indian independent music circuit. Known for their energetic live sets, Spud In The Box has played to every kind of venue you can think of - from a handful of attentive listeners at intimate clubs to screaming fans at festivals like NH7 Weekender and The Kala Ghoda Festival.

Their debut album 'Lead Feet Paper Shoes' is out now.




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